Raycasters have been used for a lot of game styles - Shooters, roguelikes and even roleplaying games. But have you ever seen a raycast-based racer?

Race against up to seven simultaneously running AI contrahents on two staggeringly impressive* raycasting environments.

*All raycasters are impressive. Real 3d effects not included. (Web version has reduced default settings for better performance)

Current Version: V1.1.0 (Made for TIC-80 Version 0.70.6)

Controls: Arrow Keys for Movement, Z to select in menus (Customisable with ESC)

Also available on the official TIC-80 Website: https://tic.computer/play?cart=693

This game was made in TIC-80.


Licensed under the GNU General Public License Version 3

Install instructions

If you want to use the downloadable TIC-80-Cartridge, you have to take the following steps:

  1. Download and extract the TIC-80-Cartridge package of this game.
  2. If you haven't already, install TIC-80 on your favorite device. You can download it here.
  3. Open TIC-80 and enter "add".
  4. Select the TIC-80-cartridge ("RaycastRacer.tic") on your computer.
  5. Check if the cartridge has been installed to TIC-80. ("ls" or "dir")
  6. Load and run the game. ("load RaycastRacer.tic", "run")


Raycast Racer (Windows) 2 MB
Raycast Racer (TIC-80 Cartridge) 35 kB

Development log


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The game seems pretty interesting on the surface, but I can't get anywhere past the opening screen.  I can navigate through the menu and change some settings with the arrow keys, but I can't get to "select" anything to actually launch the race.  I tried clicking with the mouse, [SPACE] and [ENTER] with no result.  However, when I press [ESC], this brings a sub-menu (a TIC sub-menu?) which gives me some options of restarting the game or to go to the TIC "command prompt" and this one I can still navigate with the arrow keys and yet still can't "select" anything with the keyboard but here at least the mouse actually works when I click on menu items.

I hope you can get this fixed soon after reading this, as I'm really interested in trying your game.

EDIT : DUH!!  I just saw that there was a tiny line in the instructions telling to use "Z" to select things in the menu.  ARGH!  I feel so stupid now.  lol

Sorry for the disturbance.